Operating Team

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Brian Kennedy

Brian is a social science researcher, entrepreneur, and an MPA-DP candidate at Columbia University. Brian brings substantive experience in marine biomass production, years having too much fun outside, an applied business and finance skill set, and a commitment to advancing business solutions to environmental challenges. Brian is responsible for financial and administrative functions, retail partnerships, and supply chain management.


Dr. Scott J Eaton

Dr. Eaton is an experienced chemical engineer, clean-tech entreprenuer and researcher.  He has 15 years of scientific and product development experience within the private, academic and government sectors.  He has authored 18 scientific publications in the areas of combustion, alternative fuels and emissions reduction and holds four patents for low-emission fuels.  He serves as Foothill Fuels Chief Technology Officer and is in charge of quality control and R&D. He is passionate about the environment, innovation and data.